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Welcome to Succinct HR Consulting (SHRC hereafter) -- a company
building sound Human Resource solutions for small businesses in
the Midwest.

Small Businesses understand that one of the keys to success is to
minimize costs.   When defining an organization, having
representation from Human Resources is necessary.  However,
more and more smaller companies are realizing that an on-staff
Human Resource department is not the perfect solution; both in
available workload and in economics.  

So how are these companies succeeding without this unnecessary
overhead? They have realized the value of using consultants to
perform these needed and complex HR functions -- that's where
SHRC fills the void.  We offer expertise, perspective, and solutions in
each of the HR practice areas.

Compensation & Benefits

Employee Relations

Organizational Development

Recruitment and Retention

Management & Employee Training Programs

At SHRC, we understand, ...we're a small business too.