What makes SHRC different?
    SHRC provides practical HR support which is focused on
    the needs of your business.  We pride ourselves in working
    alongside organizations to understand their needs
    ensuring our HR solutions enhance and don't hinder your

Does your company provide on-site training?
    We do!  SHRC would be happy to provide your on-site
    training.  Our consultants can train in a variety of Human
    Resources related topics.  Some of which include new hire
    orientation, management training 101, new benefit plan roll-
    outs, and much more.

Will you assist us in preparing for a governmental investigation?
    SHRC will thoroughly go through all your employment
    documentation and help prepare you for the next steps in
    the process.  We will point out your vulnerabilities and how
    best to present your information.

Do I still need legal representation in employment matters?
    Yes!  Neither SHRC's employees, partners or owner are
    attorneys at law and do not claim to be.   The
    recommendations and opinions provided by SHRC are
    based on years of experience with general human resource
    management fundamentals, practices and principles, and
    are not legal opinions nor guaranteed outcomes. We
    strongly recommend that you consult with your legal
    counsel to address legal concerns related to human
    resource issues and legal contracts.

Do you only work in Illinois?
    Although the majority of our clients are based in the
    Chicagoland area, we have had, and welcome, the  
    opportunity to work with clients throughout the Midwest

What is your fee based upon or what is your fee schedule?
    Fees will vary depending on the HR services your company
    desires. Fees can be set up as an hourly rate, project rate,
    or as an ongoing retainer.  Contact SHRC for pricing details
    tailored to your company's specific needs.

How will I be billed?
    You will be billed on a monthly basis.  Payment is due
    within 30 days of receipt.

What if my question is not listed here?
    Please click on the "Contact Us" tab and we will promptly
    answer your question.
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Frequently Asked Questions